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Centaur Spa was highlighted on NBC TV  KSBY in the Health Segment as
 "One of the Best Kept Secrets on the Central Coast." 
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Dianna Muraski, B.S. M.T.
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Director of Operations
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Centaur Health Resort & Spa, Inc.

Relaxing, Refreshing and Educational

I sat in on a presentation by Dr. Ed Muraski and Dianna Muraski, owners of Centaur Health Resort and Spa, titled “Diet and Exercise”. The presentation was very good. Ed presented the research on the subject in an excellent format and consistently obtained feed back from the audience to keep them engaged. Dr Muraski motivated the audience to learn about diet and exercise and outlined the research that supported the need to eat well and exercise. Ed said he also shares this information with the guests who come to their Health Spa.
I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. I was very impressed with the presentation and would highly recommend that you schedule the presentation for yourself or your employees. You will learn a great deal about how to improve your health and the research that supports it.
My wife has gone to the spa for therapeutic massage and is delighted with the whole treatment. Dianne is extremely educated and proficient in therapeutic massage.

4/3/16, Glenn Leggett, CEO Heart Watch Health Screening Services, Arroyo Grande, CA.

By far one of the most aware, connected, and informed massage therapist I have ever had. I've been getting massages for 12 years for migraine avoidance and have seen all kinds but Dianna, she knows her stuff and makes it her goal to help you. My neck has not felt this good in ages. It's not your typical hurry in for your appointment and leave, you are encouraged to take your time and let your body baste in all the goodness. I'm so happy I found her! You'd be foolish not to try her services out!

1/26/2016 Jennifer H. Santa Clarita, CA

I really enjoyed my visit with you.  The stay at Centaur Health Resort and Spa was wonderful.  The views are
awesome and the Electro-Acuscope therapy is the only therapy that relieved the arthritis pain in my hands.  It was very restful and peaceful.  A great experience and I will return.

Jerry Bailey, Tulare County, CA

"This is the most magnificent B&B that I've ever stayed at. Its emphasis on health and nutrition, plus the
wonderful ambiance, ocean views, and basic serenity of the setting, made my stay one of most restful, yet
stimulating that I've ever experienced.  Ed and Di are not only extraordinary host, they are a fantastic source of medical and holistic knowledge on stress reduction, exercise, proper nutrition and good health.  I plan to return as often as my schedule will allow."

Jeff R. Spalsbury, Management Consultant, Visalia, CA

Thank you for a wonderful few days at your spa.

Visiting Centaur Resort and Spa was a welcome retreat for my husband and me.  We were warmly welcomed and were amazed at all the attention we got.  From the therapeutic massage treatments
to the fun kayaking trip in the ocean (where we saw several seals!), we got a fabulous break from work and frankly, the bad habits that surround our busy lives.  We had time to exercise and visit the nearby
towns but still focus on our health and wellness.  We were impressed by the knowledge and experience Dianna and Ed have on a variety of health issues and were glad to be around such relaxed, cool people.  They said they got the idea of a bed and breakfast spa from their travels in Europe.  We think they took it several steps further-- a mountain top property, a well-equipped workout room, a steam room, a hot tub.  All we could say when we left was "Thank you!  And we'll be back as soon as we can get away again!"

Sharon and
Alex, Texas


The Electro-Acuscope saved my life.  I was overwhelmed by the pain and ready to give up until I saw the Acuscope treatment and your center featured on the NBC-TV health segment.  I have gone so long with pain I did not think I would ever get better.

Thank you so much for your help.

Tanya,  Morro Bay, CA

Dear Dianna and Ed,

Thank you so much for your hospitality and warmth.  The week at your Spa was a very relaxing treat.  The detoxification program and the guidance in nutrition was very helpful in treating my chronic fatigue.  Although the week prior to visiting your Resort and Spa I spent a week at a very exclusive spa in Iowa, I felt the treatments and guidance was equal.  The difference was your friendly and personal attention.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience.  I cannot wait until I come back for another relaxing time.

Rebecca, Banking Consultant,
Northern Florida

Dear Dianna,


Thanks to you, after months of physical therapy, tests, and more tests, all with no relief, my pain is finally going away!  I was so very frustrated with the physical therapists and doctors. Nobody could diagnose my problem, nor find me any relief; therefore, I felt hopeless. After my first two treatments with you, the swelling was gone from my arm and wrist, my range of motion was much better, and I was able to do my job without discomfort.

Thanks again - you're the best!

Grover Beach, CA

Hello, Dianna,

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful treatment you gave me last night. I felt great last night and feel even better today. I had a deep night’s sleep that I really needed. You do such a wonderful job and I will try to send people your way. I will be in touch to discuss any results I  see/feel in the next couple of days and try to schedule a "balancing" massage.

Thanks again,

Shannon Taylor, Pismo Beach, CA

Ed and Dianna,

We had a great time at your Spa.  The massage therapy and  Electro-Acuscope therapy were wonderful.  Riding our horses on all those local trails you showed us and the beach was great.   You were both delightful.  Thanks for the great experience.  We look forward to returning soon.

Maureen and Paul, Temecula, CA

My husband and I recently stayed at the Centaur Spa.  We wanted to  express how pleased we were with our stay. Dianna and Ed really knew how to make us feel comfortable.  They never pushed ideas on us, but helped us find the information we were searching for.  They directed our personal search for health and fitness expertly and easily. Dianna really knows her stuff when it comes to massage, health and wellness, but she readily admitted she was not an expert in certain areas.  If she did not feel that she knew enough
about something, she told us where we could find the information, and even let us use Dianna's personal library of books to reference and read while we were there.  We appreciated the honesty and the help. 

The spa experience was peaceful and relaxing.  It was great to get hands on work.  They also helped us learn how to use deep tissue massage techniques at home.  That was terrific!  They took us kayaking at the beach, which we thoroughly enjoyed. 

Overall, it was a very enjoyable trip, we were only sorry we didn’t have a month to stay.  

Marlo and Brian Swanson, Ohio

Hello, Ed and Dianna,  

I just wanted to thank you for opening your home and spa to people like me.  You are both healthy and vibrant!  Dianna, thank you for encouraging me along my way, the wonderful conversations about
different nutritional approaches, health issues, and all the services you performed for me. 

Regarding the wrap, the next few days like you said, I noticed things about my body when I wasn't even thinking about it, i.e. my skirt was loose around my waist my skin was soft and firm!   

Ed, thank you for educating me on the exercise equipment, your love for exercise is contagious.  I loved the fact that shopping is close by but yet when I came back to the Centaur Spa I could really focus on my body’s needs.  I plan to come back soon. 

Janette, Santa Barbara, CA